Mot rules for cracked windscreens

The highway code states that vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition, which includes the windows and windscreen. The mot test covers the condition of the windscreen plus that of the windscreen wipers and washers. A vehicle will be failed in its mot if there is damage anywhere on a windscreen exceeding 40 mm in. Windscreen chips mot rules technical matters back room. These zones, from zone a to zone d, are used to prioritise the drivers line of vision through the windscreen. The mot windscreen test includes all items affecting the drivers view of the road. Your cars windscreen is far more than just a piece of glass to keep the wind and rain out a clean, clear windscreen is essential for good vision. In this post we will look at the current testing criteria for windscreens and what is and is not likely to result in an mot failure. Does anyone know if i will fail my mot with a scratch on the windscreen. That little crack in your windscreen may not be big enough to bother you, but keep in mind that chips and cracks can weaken a windscreen. However, even a 10mmsized damage on a cracked windscreen results in mot failure if it falls within what is known as windscreen zone a.

The crack will need to be fixed before being retested. Windscreen damage can affect your mot windscreen wizards essex. In 1996 the mot test was extended to include front windscreens which meant they had to be inspected for any damage from small stone chips, wiper scratches, cracks or any other type damage that may cause concern or impact a vehicles safety. Mar 02, 2017 so, it seems about time we tried to fix down the laws and regulations behind the laws behind driving cracked windscreens, as efficiently as we can. I was told that the car had passed its mot with this chip and crack as autoglass had filled it. Windscreens mots autoscreens uk with lifetime warranty. Damage larger than 10mm will fail in the drivers line of vision marked a. If theres a damaged area larger than 10mm in the drivers line of sight, its an mot fail. Guidance stickers or other items on vehicle windscreens guidance on the law on sticking items on vehicle windows which could obscure the view. These rules apply even if you have a current mot certificate. However, not all windscreen chips can be repaired even by our expert team. Windscreen damage can affect your mot damage can affect your mot.

The mot test is an annual check on the roadworthiness, safety and emissions of most vehicles older than three years to ensure that they meet road safety and environmental standards. Windscreen crack repair glass crack repair autoglass uk. Windscreen replacement brighton west sussex east sussex. Heres how your glass technician will typically carry out the repair. There are clear rules about what must be repaired in different. As a small windscreen chip could cause windscreens to crack or lead to cars failing the mot test, autoglazing windscreens are highly respected, and have fully trained technicians to assist with your repair. If youre driving with a cracked windscreen, you could find yourself with up to three penalty points and a fine of. For mot testing purposes, the windscreen of every vehicle is split into zones. I didnt have any issues with windscreens in over 20 years of driving and then suddenly needed 3 replacement windscreens on the same car over 18 months due to. Cracked windscreens or badly chipped windscreens will need to be replaced before an mot inspection occurs. Windscreen inspections have been part of the annual mot test since 1993. Windscreen crack the trucknet uk drivers roundtable. Autoglass can quickly repair chipped windscreens to british standard bs au242a.

Introduction of new mot standards is a reminder that a. Mot windscreens rules and regulations autoglass uk. Damage on your cars windscreen could result in an mot fail. In fact, even the smallest chip within the drivers line of vision could be an immediate mot failure. These are questions that are frequently asked by car owners facing their next mot and unsure if they should have their windscreen repaired or replaced prior to their test. On modern vehicles, windscreens play a key role in the overall structural strength of a vehicle, in fact up to 47 percent. Finally, cracked windscreens present additional problems when airbags are deployed during an accident. If there is damage of 40mm in size, anywhere on the windscreen, your vehicle will fail its mot. New mot rules will make it harder for dirty diesels to pass and introduce new failure ratings. However mine has a slight scratch not a crack, noticable if you look for it 10cm long in the drivers line of sight. Cracked windscreens or badly chipped windscreens will need to be replaced before an mot inspection. This publication is licensed under the terms of the open government licence v3. A year on, its time for the mot again and im really not sure that it will pass.

Failing your mot in addition to the above, driving around with a chip in your windscreen could cause problems when you need to mot your vehicle. Feb 24, 2018 bte automotive can quickly arrange a repair chipped windscreens to british standard bs au242a. The damaged area will be thoroughly cleaned and dried. We were instrumental in advising the department of transport on the mot rules and we bring that knowledge and expertise when we repair your windscreen. Stickers or other items on vehicle windscreens gov. A cracked windscreen is a common problem for drivers but if it happens to you, just ensure it is repaired as soon as possible. I didnt have any issues with windscreens in over 20 years of driving and then suddenly needed 3 replacement windscreens on the same car over 18. The mot specifies a windscreen area within the drivers immediate line of sight, known as zone a, where any crack or damage must be contained within a 10mm diameter. Cracked windscreens can happen very easily and if youre in the car every day, the consequences can be severe. However, you could be breaking the law and be levied with a substantial fine if stopped by the police. If your car windshield is chipped, its a far simpler and more costeffective solution to have it repaired rather than replaced. From may 2018 a diesel loophole will be closed and cars will be given defects in three new cat.

The mot rules say that any windscreen damage with a diameter greater than 10mm, in a 290mm wide zone directly in front of the driver will result in an immediate failure. Windscreen damage is part of the official mot, and if you have a significant chip or crack that hasnt been repaired, you could fail the mot test. How badly chipped can a winscreen be before it fails an mot. Guide to car windscreen repair and car window replacement. May 11, 2012 i was told that the car had passed its mot with this chip and crack as autoglass had filled it. The windscreen has a chip and horizontal crack on the passenger side see picture. Windscreen damage and the mot restricted visibility through a car windscreen is a common reason for a vehicle to fail its mot, around 8% of all mot failures are for this reason. Before you get a price to repair your cracked windscreen, do consider this. Windscreen repair cost a look at your options and prices. It is vitally important to repair windscreens to an acceptable standard before your mot assessment. They will now be basing their checks against the new, stricter categories. New mot failure rules coming in may 2018 and itll be. Repair your windscreen before your mot, call 0800 072 2786 when it comes to checking whether a vehicle is functioning properly and in good working order, the windscreen is the one part that often gets overlooked.

Sep 22, 2012 no its a crack but only just in the swept area, i am aware of the rules but was checking with hope for the best no discovered i didnt have windscreen cover as premium choice dont have it as standard and i didnt realise. You may be tempted to carry on about your business if the car youre driving suffers a chip or crack to the windscreen. If youre wondering whether or not the chip in your windscreen is worth worrying about, or if you can get away with this weeks commute after a windscreen mishap, make sure you read on to find out the rules and risks of driving with a cracked windscreen. Worn wipers, dirty windscreens or no washer fluid are reasons for failure but cracks and windscreen chips are also a common cause. Was gifted my first car a year ago, with a brand new mot on it. It hasnt become any worse in the year that i have had the car. If your cars mot is due and you have a cracked windscreen or a chipped windscreen, you must arrange for repairs or the vehicle will not be deemed as roadworthy. Am i driving illegally if i have a cracked windscreen. Cracked windscreens dont mess with chips and cracks. Mot test of windscreen visibility what is checked mot. Looking at the regulations for windscreens for mot, theres no way it could have passed in its current state.

And when the time comes around, there are lots of little things that can be done to make sure the car doesnt fail for those simple, silly things like a lightbulb not working. Satnavs in the windscreen, furry dice, air fresheners or trinkets hanging from the mirror are not allowed. Is it legal to drive with a cracked windscreen in the uk. There are clear rules about what must be repaired on different parts of your windscreen, particularly the part that is swept by your windscreen wipers. Significant scratching that impairs the drivers vision will also fail. Windscreen crack repair depending on the size of the damage, we strongly recommend getting a windscreen replacement if youve noticed a crack but if youre worried about a cracked windscreen and are looking for guidance, we can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year. It also states that any combination of minor damage that seriously restricts the drivers view will fail the mot. Theres no escaping the annual mot when you are a car owner. Your car will fail its mot if the chip or crack is wider than 10mm and in the drivers direct line of vision thats a 300mm wide vertical strip in front of the driver. Chips or cracks in the windscreen directly in front of the driver. Mot testing criteria for car windscreen damage and scratches. Jun 21, 2018 national windscreens has reminded motorists that while the newly introduced regulations do not include changes to existing windscreen checks, many could still be caught out and have their mot failed as a result of damage or impaired vision to a vehicles glazing. Damage larger than 40mm will fail in the rest of the swept areas marked b and c above. An mot tester will be checking for any damage that impairs the vision of the driver or where items such as satnavs and even window stickers are affecting visibility.

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