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We have many circuits below, simpleone transistor to a difference 3 transistors projects. The power boost was born in the late sixties the idea was to give guitarists a boost in power, and it did. Sola sound ltd tonebender mki hornby skewes zonk machine dam fz673 the sola sound tone bender mki was one of the first fuzz pedals available in the uk. Marshall shredmaster heres another one from marshalls great pedal line from the early 90s. This particular clone is a regular 9v pedal, using 2n2222a transistors.

Guess it was just luck that when you turned the pedal up full it sounded like the best stack ever. The transistors are individually tested for gain and leakage with a professional semiconductor analyzer. The diagram above shows the pinout, schematic symbol and pad connection for a. The switchable pregain control is also pretty basic, but not a bad idea. Ive been asked to build a old school colorsound overdriver od, i was wondering what transistors would be the best and most accurate. Colorsound overdriver clone project documentation plasma. Towards the next generation display technology serves as a reference for researchers, technology developers and endusers to have a broad view of the distinguishing features of the olet technology and to profile the impact on. Guitar effects archives by your old pal culturejam. If you really want to switch between the two, use the charge pump and put a. Gain controls the amount of gain from the first transistor stage. The modern colorsound power boost is a reissue of the classic 18v pedal released.

Bc109 transistors, bass and treble control, and high quality 1% metal film resistors provide enough raw power to please just about any highgain player. This pedal is very versatile, going from a great clean boost all the way to a wild fuzz tone at the highest gain setting. The classic colorsound overdriver bridged the gap between boost. Guitar effects circuits and diy pedal projects by your old pal culturejam. This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the guitarpcb color tone overdrive project. The highest quality components and the most thorough and easytofollow instructions. Using with buffers like other vintage transistorbased fuzz circuits. Colorsound overdriver overdriver pcb and layout colorsound supasustain colorsound tonebender mkii professional. As you can see, this project uses alpha boardmounted pots, box caps, and 0.

Guitar diy guitar shop guitar effects pedals guitar pedals diy electronics electronics projects artificial intelligence computer dc circuit audio amplifier. This is the single best source of knowledge for anyone who wants to design an audio power. These schematics and pcb layouts carry no guarantee or warranty. It sports just two controls for output and distortion, there is no tone control. Just click the button above to email me directly or alternately my email.

If and when i ever build this, i think it will be with a charge pump, and switchable between overdriver and power drive modes. Designing audio power amplifiers begins with power amplifier design basics that a novice can understand and moves all the way through to indepth design techniques for the very sophisticated audiophile and professional audio power amplifier designer. Tonehome the world of vintage guitar effects pedals. It contains expresspcb sch and pcb files, and a pdf toner transfer image. Transistors in this package usually had a suffix of 01 or k. This circuit was used heavily in the 70s and has a great tone that bridges the gap between boost, overdrive, and fuzz. Tonehome the world of vintage guitar effect pedals. Arduino circuits tech cars projects autos vehicles car tecnologia. Transistor amplifier and waveform exploration board. Being commonly used in the output stage, these are prone to overload and thermal issues. Bc869 20 v, 2 a pnp medium power transistor nexperia.

Korg used to own tone bender trademarks in the 1990s. Vintage pow colorsound overdriver power boost overdrivedistortion a hunka hunka burning vintage overdrive tone right here. Colorsound power boost noise issue element14 forums. Colorsound overdriver dod 250 dod fx102 blues ibanez od855 ibanez st1 supertube ibanez ts5.

I have just completed my first full project to share here on justonemorebuild, a colorsound overdriver power boost csod. These were developed over the course of several years, and most have a lot of input from fellow guitar pedal builders on various forums, included byoc, madbean pedals, diy stompboxes, and freestompboxes. The tone is perfect and i am really satisfied with this pedal. Plasma colorsound overdriver clone pcb aion electronics. Bc869 pnp medium power transistor in a sot89 surfacemounted device smd plastic package. Free colorsound diagrams, schematics, service manuals. Schematic colorsound overdriver one of my favorite circuits. I just made the colorsound overdrive and it sounds great. I made this one and modded it for use with a bass giving it more low end, added a fat switch, and a blend control. Barber direct drive dave barber makes some awesome pedals, and for very reasonable prices.

Colorsound powerboostoverdriver clone yellow reverb. Controls are volume and fuzz plus an internal trimmer that controls the bias and allows fine tuning of the overall fuzz tone, going fromunderbiased saggy, squishy fuzz. The best diy guitar amplifier and effects pedal kits. More smooth than its skinny box predecessor, this pedal epitomizes the tone youd want from a tube screamer, just 100x better. Frankly, the overdriver sounds best at 9v, the power boost at 18v, so its highly recommended you just hard wire for the appropriate voltage. The power boost is loud, and no matter what people say the 18v power boost is a totally different beast to the watered down 9v colorsound overdriver, which was a basic reimagining for the american market. These were also sold under the colorsound, and park brand names.

Subtle differences between the two, in the connections from q1 and q2 emitters. Organic lightemitting transistors by michele muccini. The schematics and layouts are known to work, but you may have to do some debugging or component switching to get them to work properly. Designed by gary hurst it was the british response to the american made gibson maestro fuzz tone fz1. Color tone overdrive top quality diy guitar pedal kits.

There seems to be a variety of opinions on which transistors were. Treble controls the highend response of the circuit. The byoc color booster is based on the much loved colorsound overdriver use 18v to turn it into a power booster. Schematic colorsound overdriver back to index of schematics. The pedal uses a single opamp and a set of two germanium diodes for clipping rather than discrete transistors. When it was released it was considered a high gain distortion, though probably wouldnt be categorized as such today. Bass treble tone control circuits 3 designs discussed. Colorsound powerboost vs vintage colorsound overdriver vs.

Jan 16, 2015 schematic colorsound overdriver one of my favorite circuits. These are 4 simple preamplifier circuit using transistors. The power boost was one of the major components of gilmours sound around dsotm, with luscious, rich overdrive on just the right side of saturation overload. This kit offers the choice of making the power boost, which likes 18v or the overdriver, which runs at 9v. Transistor amplifier and waveform exploration board by mark spencer, wa8sme former arrl education and technology coordinator april 21, 2005 the transistor amplifier and waveform exploration board can be a very flexible instructional resource for teachers and ham radio instructors. A sample of the colorsound powerboost vs vintage colorsound overdriver vs colorsound overdriver, with a fender stratocaster custom shop 60 relic time machine, a.

The circuit of tone control stereo using c945x2 transistors. Contact me feel free to get in contact with me about anything you see on this blog or with any general questions about guitars, amplifiers and effects, ill be happy to answer. Our model will transport you instantly back to that breeding ground of british guitar heroes. Ive seen plastic case bc109s in a couple of original colorsound overdriverpower boost photos. Macaris ltd, who also own the sola sound brand, and who have built and sold the pedals since 1965 now own the tone bender trademark. Colorsound diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Simply a great overdriveboost pedal, this later large box variety features 3 bc184c silicon transistors. It was popular due to its ability to bring body, richness and tonal dimension to a tube amp.

That are bc1 6 9 transistors which are used in the overdriver power boost, not bc109. Note that at least one of the transistors is going to be very difficult to obtain now, andor will be expensive. Complementary silicon plastic power transistors dpak. To control the gain and make it more like a distortion pedal, put a 10k or 100k volume pot at the end of the circuit, that way you now have a drive and volume pot arrangement. This software is freeware and may be used commercially and privately for free. Ive since sent him a pdf of my board layout, asking him if hell at. Ive seen plastic case bc109s in a couple of original colorsound overdriver power boost photos. Overdriver runs at 9v, power boost at 18v though it works ok at 9v. Features high dc current gain lead formed for surface mount applications in plastic sleeves no suffix straight lead version in plastic sleeves. They can fail completely, which is normally pretty easy to spot, but they can also partially fail with the symptom of muchreduced current gain, which gives rise to. Anything posted here is fair game for fun or profit. Effects heaven effect schematics mxr ibanez boss dod. This is the place for vintage guitar effects pedals and stomp boxes, mainly ibanez and uk brands like sola sound, colorsound, marshall and top gear. Colorsound overdriver march 25 february 25 january 20 2014 44 december 17.

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